Creating “Maintenance Mode” for AHV using X-Play

In Prism Central 5.11 we got introduced to a new feature called X-Play. X-Play is essentially an IFTTT for Nutanix. It can do basic things like send reports on a schedule or send an alert, but it can also do some more advanced things. I wont go into all the other things it can do here, but there is a lot, and there is some flexibility to get a little creative.

As a longtime VMware admin, “Maintenance Mode” has become a staple in hypervisor management. The lack of an easy option for this in AHV was, honestly, a little frustrating.  Does AHV have “Maintenance Mode”, yes it does, but its part of the CLI, not the GUI. When I started looking at what X-play’s playbooks could do, it dawned on me that it might be able to close the gap between common tasks that can only be done through the CLI, right now.

How do we do this…

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