NTC 2019

Humbled to be added to the NTC family. Looking forward to sharing my experience, knowledge and challenges with more people in the community. I have had alot of fun this last year working with the numerous Nutanix employees and customers. Going to be a great year learning and implementing new products and services, running the DFW NUG and helping fellow IT community members. Thank You for your Support

Keep Calm and Automate

I recently went through training with Nutanix professional services for Calm. Nutanix’s answer/acquisition for blueprint-based deployments and automation. It went really well. My company has some specific use-cases for using something “like” Calm for Application/Service/VM provisioning. We have looked into other solutions like vRA, VMware’s flavor. I really like VMware’s products, however, it is a lot more expensive and honestly, a lot more complex to setup. That inst to say Calm is the most straight-forward, yet, but it is much easier. Continue reading “Keep Calm and Automate”